Christmas Has Arrived Here At Toons

Christmas Has Arrived Here At Toons

Christmas Has Arrived Here At Toons

Posted on - 13th October 2020

The bells are ringing, carollers are singing, it can only mean one thing. Christmas is here!
With the festive season upon us, our showroom has been transformed into a twinkling den of all things Christmas!

Tree For You, Tree For Me

Christmas trees are no longer just the simple basic green fir tree they once were. Now, its all about finding the right tree for you! From your classic, to snow covered from tiny table top trees to touching the ceiling. Maybe even throw in a fibre optic or two. Whichever tree you thought you were looking for, don't decide until you've visited our showroom! Our great selection will have you rethinking your tree all over again. Personally, we think the bigger the better, good ol' Saint Nick can fit more presents under it that way.

Think Baubles

Whether you fancy a more traditional take on Christmas with reds and gold, or something different our vast array of baubles will have your eyes glistening.
The new trend for your decorations to match your home decor! Whether you're a bold statement making kind of person, or a subtle touch of colour on a white canvas person, we've got the baubles for you!
And if you aren't a bauble fan, we've got everything from your bows and bells to stars and flowers. Dive in amongst the sparkles, you'll never know what you'll find at the next turn! Just remember to shake off the glitter on the way back out.

Christmas lights

How Many Are Too Many Lights?

An age old Christmas question, how many, are too many, lights? We say, there is no limit! We aren't recommending you go and cover every wall in colourful, twinkling string lights though! Give your home some variety! Keep your string lights on the tree, and check out the rest of our collection! From sets of light up presents to branches that twinkle on their own. If you're feeling a bit creative, we've displayed some of our lights in lanterns, wouldn't this make a great feature in your room?

Scandinavian Helpers

When you call into our showroom, you'll be met by an influx of little colourful gnomes! These beared little guys are the ones who help santa hand out presents in the scandinavian countries. Well, they've made their way across the waters to just us here at Toons. We've got them helping us on our Christmas deliveries too! So why not give a couple a new home, you never know what they'll help you with!


When you're tired of twinkling lights, and covered in glitter, take a stroll around the rest of our showroom. We're sure you'll find your Christmas present to yourself hidden somewhere amongst the great deals. (Hint, it looks like a new sofa).

For more information on our collection of Christmas decorations feel free to contact us today. Or call into the showroom for a real treat!