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Fitted carpets are an important part of the style and comfort of your home. After all, you will be walking on them everyday and when investing in a floor covering you want it to get it right. There is a big choice of fitted carpets at Toons Furniture Superstore in Swadlincote. Not all carpets are the same and we have the right type for you. There are generally two main types of carpet, woven and tufted. The difference being that woven carpets require more labour making them more expensive. Tufted carpets are machined and easier to produce and may contain more synthetic fibres.

With a variety of pile and types, including twist, velvet, and loop construction you are sure to find a design and carpet structure to suit your intended use.

Fitted Carpets to Suit Every Room

Choosing the right type of carpet will be influenced by your budget and where it will be laid. High trafficked areas like a hallway, or stairs requiring more grip are best suited to a more durable selection. Consider thoroughfares in your house and opt for a hard wearing version. Living rooms need to balance comfort with durability as they are a busy room, but also a place which needs to feel relaxed. Master bedrooms can afford to have a richer, deeper carpet for a luxurious feel. These floors are not as busy as other areas of your home, so treat yourself to something nice and soft underfoot.

Fitted Carpets and Furnishings at Toons

Fitted carpets act as an insulator and soundproofing within your home. They can also be a design statement and help to form the basis upon which a rooms furniture and decoration all come together to create the perfect interior space.

Do you need any help in choosing a carpet? We have a highly knowledgeable team who can advise you on the best type of carpet and soft furnishings. Whether you are looking for a natural fibre Axminster, or something fun and durable for a child’s bedroom. Please contact us with your enquiries.