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Luxurious Leather Sofas at Toons

Leather is a highly adaptive material which is associated with both classic and contemporary sofa design. Here at Toons Home furnishers we have a broad range of leather upholstered sofas to give you the ultimate in style and comfort for your living room. Whether you are looking for modern styling and features or a timeless vintage look, there is a leather sofa in our collection to suit you. The sofa is the place to relax after a busy day at work and you will find that comfort combined with luxury right here.

Types of Leather Covering

Not all leather is the same and the type and treatment results in its own unique characteristics.

Pigmented Leather is the most durable type and the most frequently used leather in manufacturing furniture and car upholstery. Coated in a polymer which is pigmented it is most resistant to spills, scuffs and stains while maintaining a more uniform appearance.

Semi Aniline Leather is another treated leather. More resistant than aniline, but not as durable as pigmented leather, this sits somewhere in between the two. Allowing some of the unique patterns associated with the material, its light treatment coating offers pigmentation and a degree of protection against wear, stains and abrasions.

Aniline Leather allows all the natural characteristics of the surface to show through. While this undergoes a transparent treatment process it is not disguised by dyes and polymers. A highly luxurious and soft to the touch leather, only a small percentage of hides make the grade. Such delicacy is, however, prone to scratches and stains.

Buy Leather Sofas at Toons

Toons stocks leather sofas by a wide choice of brands including The Vintage Sofa Company, Himolia, Parker Knoll, Italia Living, and La Z Boy. So you can be sure to find a style and comfort which suits your lifestyle and budget. Browse online or view instore with our expert team on hand for advice. Please contact us with your queries about leather sofas.