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Blinds offer an alternative window covering if you want a different option to curtains, especially if they won’t suit the room. In some cases, curtains just don’t fit the aesthetic. The great thing about blinds is there is a style suitable for all types of rooms. Most people usually consider them for kitchens and bathrooms only. But there are so many styles, constructions and designs which open up many possibilities. They combine function and decoration, making them an important option when designing the interior of your home or workplace.

Find the Right Blinds for Your Home at Toons

Toons Furniture Superstore has a wide range of blinds to choose from so you can be sure to find the right ones to suit your homes interior.

Roller Blinds – these are a space-efficient way of covering your windows. When correctly installed this type of blind will sit neatly inside or just around the edge of the window recess. They are easy to clean and come in a variety of colour schemes and designs. Various backings will allow full blackout which is good for bedrooms.

Roman Blinds – its origins date back about 2000 years to the ancient Roman empire. Starting as a functional means of keeping dust and dirt out of buildings with glassless windows and allowing privacy. Over the centuries they have evolved with new materials and mechanisms into the blinds we know today. Constructed from a single sheet of material, they now fold and drape elegantly when fully open. Revealing their full colour and pattern when fully or partially lowerwed.

Venetian Blinds – these familiar horizontally slatted blinds date back to the middle east and not Venice as is the common misconception. It is believed historically that Venetian traders brought them to Europe through their trade interactions with Persia. Available today in a range of materials with vinyl, plastic and wooden materials as slats. These are a very popular form of window covering.

Vertical Blinds – a 20th century invention, the vertical blind was invented in 1950 in the USA. They are particularly useful for larger windows and patio doors. Their vertical elongated structure is good for covering glazing with height to afford good light control and privacy.

Blinds at Toons Furniture Superstore

Toons Furniture Superstore is the leading independent supplier of blinds in Swadlincote, Burton on Trent, Derby and across the East Midlands region. We offer a free measuring and planning service on curtains and blinds, and they can be made specifically to your requirements. These can be collected and fitted from our Derbyshire store, or for a small fee our skilled team can fit them in your home or business. Please contact us for further details.