Cushions & Throws

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Accessories for Your Home

Accessories for the home are what transforms a room and allows you to express your style. Once you have decided on the main features, colour scheme, furniture and décor. It is the accessories and small items which can bring the whole look together. They can be subtle and work within your overall design offering a stylish appearance. Or you may choose the accessories to be much bolder and make a statement either through colour, form, or materials. If you are not looking to carry out a complete makeover, then adding that extra something to your existing set up can breathe new life into your interior.

Home Accessories for all Spaces

With home accessories the possibilities are endless. They can be used to add texture and comfort with clever use of soft furnishings. Cushions and throws can make a big space look cosy and soften any bare furniture. In compact spaces the accessories can be utilised to distract the eye and add detail because small doesn’t have to mean bare and characterless. Curtain fixtures and fittings can be enhanced with a range of decorative features to add sophistication and character.

Big spaces can be sometimes feel bare and need the addition of carefully selected soft furnishings and textiles to help define a zone and create character. The great thing about accessories is that they can be changed to suit a season or are a cost effective way of changing the feel of a space.

We can help you to combine a range of adornments to alter and improve the interior of any room in your house. From a period property to a brand new build. Be it a flat or a large detached home and everything in between we have the solution for you.

The Finishing Touch with Home Accessories

Toons Furniture Superstore is the leading supplier of accessories for decoration and the important finishing touch in homes in Swadlincote, Burton on Trent and across the East Midlands region. We are the areas leading independent store with a heritage going back to 1970. Contact us today for more about any of our products.