Why Choose Toons?

Our excellent reputation is built on nearly 50 years of first-class customer service. Many of our customers return time and again, and often recommend us to their friends and family members. We are proud to be part of our local community, and we source products specifically for our local market, providing ranges suitable to all budgets and tastes. We are a family owned and family run independent retailer, which means we have the best products from the best suppliers, and can offer more choice as we are not tied in to particular suppliers. This also allows us to offer very competitive prices. We are not answerable to anyone else and don’t have to follow a policy from a distant Head Office. This means we can be flexible and tailor our service to meet a customer’s needs.

Most of our sales staff have been with Toons at least 10 years, many of them 20 years, or even more (the longest serving member of the sales staff has been here for 35 years). This means that the sales team has excellent product knowledge, and are experienced in our values of genuine service. The sales team is not commission-led, which means they can offer impartial advice in a friendly, no pressure environment. Our friendly and professional furniture delivery team will deliver your furniture, make sure it is assembled to your satisfaction, and remove all packaging. If you are unsure that your sofa will fit into your home we can arrange local trial runs before it is ordered. Our expert carpet and curtain fitters also have many years’ experience and we consider them the best in our area.