Childrens Beds

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Why Choose our Childrens Beds?

It’s a big time for children when they swap their toddler beds to new bigger beds. Children love the independence that comes from this transition. Bunk beds are perfect for sleepovers and sharing with other siblings. Cabin beds offer more storage for their belongings and toys. 

If your little one has outgrown their bed, we can find the right fit to suit their little personality and interests. Our childrens beds are different from other beds. They’re made with solid slatted or panelled wooden bases, and we keep safety in mind by adding features like easy access ladders to bunk beds. So, your little ones can dream and play safely in the comfort of their new bed.

Childrens Beds At Toons

At Toons Furnishers, we have a variety of childrens beds to choose from. Our bunk beds, cabin beds, single and double beds come in a variety of colours and fun designs for both girls and boys of all ages to enjoy.

Visit our online shop to shop our childrens range or visit our showroom.