Victoria Carpets

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About Victoria Carpets at Toons Furnishers

Victoria Carpets has been producing luxury flooring for over a century. The standard of carpets produced by Victoria Carpets has led to the company winning numerous awards and accolades to their standard of work and products. Founded in Scotland in 1895 the company soon moved to Kidderminster, the heart of carpet manufacturing.

Victoria began by using their skills to produce printed tapestry carpet rugs and squares before subsequently progressing to Chenille carpet squares. Despite the success and new technology which surrounds the carpeting industry, for Victoria, the family ethos and traditional craftsmanship are still of paramount importance today.

Victoria carpets pride itself on its excellent product range making the finest quality carpets for many years and being forerunners of the industry. Victoria has a wide range of styles and types of carpets to choose from, adding the finishing touch to any type of home. Victoria have plain designs as well as patterned, Victoria also has a "natural" and "velvet" rage.

How Victoria Carpets have evolved

Victoria carpets are set to grow and evolve within the current climate, bringing out new ranges. One thing however which will stay the same is their dedication to producing a high-quality product, family ethos and of course the customer.

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