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About Sherborne Upholstery at Toons Furnishers

Sherborne upholstery is a British brand which is synonymous with quality. Sherborne prides itself on traditional craftsmanship which is why each product made by the brand is of such a high standard. Since it was founded 80 years ago, Sherborne has grown from being a family business to one of the biggest upholstery manufacturers in Britain, employing over 250 people. There have been three generations of Sherborne family ownership, each time building on craftsmanship and design, ensuring that the Sherborne range today is better than ever.

The Sherborne Upholstery range

The Sherborne upholstery range has developed a range of chairs and settees, Sherborne has a comprehensive range of upholstery styles including sofa beds, recliners, fire-side chairs, drop-end sofas and whole suites. Only the finest materials are used to make Sherborne products. Every fixed or reclining chair has fully sprung seating to ensure that you are comfortable and supported well in your Sherborne chair. All of Sherborne's recliner chairs are available with a manual or powered recliner actions, as well as this the Sherborne range is available in a range of styles and fabrics.

Like Sherborne upholstery, we believe that all furniture should be made to the highest standard, with the finest materials whilst still maintaining great comfort and style. At Toon's Furnishers, we stock the best brands and upholstery made with high-quality materials for an exceptional product.

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Sherborne has an excellent reputation and has produced all of their products in Britain since the company was founded 60 years ago. All Sherborne frames are manufactured by the company onsite, rather than just be assembled. Sherborne upholstery exudes and ensures a high-quality product which can offer you now only comfort but also support.

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