Chatham Glyn

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About Chatham Glyn Fabrics 

Chatham Glyn began with Isaac Jacobs in the early 1900s. The early foundations of this family business was laid in the hustle and bustle of London Market, where Isaac set out his own stall selling remnant pieces of fabric. This enterprise became more successful than originally thought and in 1953 Isaac's son, Johnny, took over the company and expanded in to selling leather fabrics.

Around 30 years later, when Johnny's son Ian left school and joined the company in 1982, Chatham Glyn was officially founded. Over the next few years the business did a roaring trade as a wholesaler of upholstery fabrics in the UK. Then, as the landscape of manufacturing began to evolve in the 90s, Jacob seized upone the opportunity to steer Chatham Glyn Fabrics to become 'one of the most respected soft furnishing suppliers in the UK.'

Each fabric range produced by Chatham Glyn in the present day is a lesson in glamour and luxuriousness. The brand take pride in ensuring that each and every one of the fabrics has the capabilty to bring a range of soft furnishings to life. 

Chatham Glyn Fabrics At Toons Furnishers 

At Toons, we offer our customers a huge range of Chatham Glyn fabrics at affordable prices. Not only can these contemporary, traditional and modern fabrics be used to upholster furniture and inject colour and personality into your home, we are also able to create made to meaure curtains just for you. If you would like to find out more about Chatham Glyn Fabrics and the kinds of furniture we can help you upholster with ranges from this gorgeous brand, call us today. 

Alternatively, you will find Chatham Glyn fabrics at our Derbyshire showroom. Here you can touch, feel and test out each one then sit down with a friendly member of our team to discuss your requirements. Why not plan your visit today?