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About Breasley 

Breasley is proud to call themselves one of the leading independent bed manufacturers in the UK. On top of this, they are also the #1 vaccum packed mattress manufacturer in the UK. 

The brand pride themselves on the fact that all of their beds and mattresses are made in the UK. Founded over 40 years ago Breasley centre customers at the heart of what they do. Combining high quality products and excellent service, the brand utilises their experience and state of the art machinery to product durable and comfortable beds and mattresses. 

The latest collection from Breasley, UNO, effortlessly combines the values of the brand to pridct an advanced mattress made with comfort in mind. Utilising temperature responsive foam that moulds and shapes itself to your body, the main goal of the UNO is to faciltate the best sleep possible. 

Shop Breasley Beds and Mattresses At Toons 

At our showroom in Derbyshire and online, you can shop the full range of Breasley beds and mattresses we have to offer. For your convenience each mattress from Breasley is delivered to you rolled up and vaccumed packed for ease of installation. Once in situ, all packaging can be removed from your Breasley mattress and in two hours your new bed set up will be ready for a relaxing sleep. If you would like to learn more about Breasley beds and mattresses, contact us today.