Axminster Carpets

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About Axminster Carpets at Toons Furnishers

The renowned Axminster carpets reign from Axminster in Devon and have done so since 1937. However, the origin of these carpets can be traced back to as far as 1755. This quality brand continues to produce some of the finest examples of carpet in the world, their carpets can be found in royal residences throughout the country as well as the finest hotels, train carriages and global airlines aircraft.

Axminster carpets pride itself on the quality of its carpets which are suitable for palaces. This brand still uses their original weaving process using the most natural fibres, making it a very high-quality piece of carpet as well as natural and authentic to its history.

One of the very few carpet manufacturers who can claim that their manufacturing process is ‘from fleece to floor’, Carpets make woven Axminsters and Wiltons as well as highest quality tufted carpets, all of which are famous for comfort and long-lasting durability, recommended by generations. Axminster carpets can be seen as a stylish investment for any home, something that will last for many generations to come.

The importance of the Axminster brand

Axminster carpets are not only a brand which portrays British heritage as well as the traditional manufacturing process, but they've also managed to make the transition into the 21st century by still designing and producing high-quality carpets.

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