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About Blue Bone At Toons Furnishers 

Founded in 1998, Blue Bone has spent more than 20 years creating a solid reputation for their furniture brand. With innovative design, quality materials, and excellent manufacturing methods at their fingertips, this established company are one of the biggest and best designers and manufacturers in the UK. 

Headed up by Dale and Darryl Boal, Blue Bone constantly strives to design and craft furnitur that is modern, robust and stylish. Both Dale and Darryl found a passion for furniture while travelling in Indonesia. During this time they were inspired by the local made handicrafts and began importing them back home. It was this that inspired a love for innovative design and craftsmanship in the pair, and just a few years later Blue Bone was born. 

It is clear from browsing the products from Blue Bone that contemporary and modern design takes centre stage in this brand. But that's not to say traditional gems cannot be found in their portfolio. Blue Bone is an eclectic brand bursting with personality. Each and every piece of their high quality furniture is filled to the brim with character and is very obviously made with love. And you can shop the range here at Toons Home Furnishers. 

Shop Blue Bone Furniture Today 

We are proud to offer our customers a selection of furniture from Blue Bone. We really believe that the stunning pieces from this brand have to be seen in the flesh to be truly appreciated, which is why you will find the full Blue Bone range at our Superstore in Swadlincote. Here you can look, touch, compare and contrast the many different products and find the best one to suit your aesthetic. Contact us today to find out more.