Parker Knoll

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About Parker Knoll Upholstery

Parker Knoll has been producing high-quality and prestigious furniture for over 130 years. Parker Knoll is a reputable British furniture brand all of their piece are produced by highly-skilled craftsmen at their factory in Derbyshire. With this brand, you can guarantee each piece will come with a Hallmark of quality. This brand carefully selects high-quality timber and fabrics to ensure that they provide the ultimate experience when it comes to comfort and durability.

As well as this, their craftsmen use traditional upholstery methods which they have been using for many years with well-researched ergonomic designs. The result of this combination is a beautiful range of handmade sofas and chairs that offer maximum support, comfort and pleasure and will last for many years to come.

Parker Knoll began life in 1869 when a younger furniture maker called Frederick Parker started his own chair making business. It became a registered company in 1901 and became renowned as producing the highest-quality furniture of the time and held an enviable reputation for excellence. Willi Knoll a German inventor became part of the business in 1931 after designing a new form of sprung furniture. Without changing the way the produce chairs for over 130 years, they continue to produce furniture of the highest standard and with timeless style.

The Toons Parker Knoll Upholstery

Like Parker Knoll, we believe that all furniture should be made to the highest standard, with the finest materials whilst still maintaining great comfort and style. At Toons we stock and sell a range of high-quality upholstery from a range of great brands and you can be ensured that all the furniture you buy from our superstore will stand the test of time.

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At Parker Knoll carefully select high-quality timber and fabrics to provide the ultimate in comfort and durability. As well as this their craftsmen have been building furniture in the same way for many years using traditional upholstery methods. There is a range of pieces for a range of tastes at Parker Knoll, each made to the utmost quality. Parker Knoll has a range of fabrics and materials to complement your home whether your style is classic or contemporary.

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