Ultima Twist Collection

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The Ultima Twist Collection by Westex Carpets is available in 8 qualities with 120 colours.

All qualities are made from 80% Wool/20% Nylon using a 2-fold yarn to give improved performance, retention, recovery and resilience.

 Penultima starts the collection, suitable for General Domestic use with a 1/8th gauge and short pile.

Ultima offers a higher pile than the Penultima range, for a fuller feel, suitable for extra heavy domestic use.

Major has a medium pile height and a higher tuft density giving a plusher feel underfoot.

Fontaine is the premier 1/8th gauge twist carpet in this collection and the longest pile producing a deep feel and slightly textured finish.

 Trident is the first of the 1/10th gauge twists in the Ultima Twist Collection with a high tuft density and shorter pile.

Talana has a longer pile than Trident along with a high tuft density and again 1/10th gauge.

Talisman has a medium long pile and high tuft density, is a satin twist 2-fold 1/10th gauge and offers great durability.

Gold is the top of the shop in the Ultima Collection with the highest tuft density and pile making it suitable for extra heavy domestic wear.

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