Rare Breeds And Rare Breeds Elite

Brockway By Brockway

Rare Breeds by Brockways is inspired by the exceptional qualities of Britain's oldest and rarest breeds of hill sheep from which each carpet is made – Kerry Hill, Cotswold, Norfolk Horn, Soay, Manx, Moorit, Balwen, Jacobs, Black Welsh and Ryeland.
Available in two qualities (50oz and 85oz), the Rare Breeds and Rare Breeds Elite
The range uses 2-ply yarn from these unusual breeds making the carpet both soft to the touch and very hard wearing for all areas of the home.
This range features environmentally beneficial carpet-backing Envirobac, this lighter weight backing offers numerous advantages, being very flexible, super-strong and stable. 
It is energy-efficient, effluent and emission-free and can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

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