Toons Furnishers Rest Assured Beds

Rest Assured Beds have been manufacturing the highest quality divans and mattresses since 1898.
With more than 100 years of experience, a Rest Assured bed is a quality made bed, with support and comfort guaranteed. Rest assured are designed with a range of styles and levels of comfort depending on your individual requirements- Rest assured certainly live up to their name as you are guaranteed a good night's sleep. All rest assured are available in a range of different shapes and sizes dependents on the size you want and the style of bed you want.

The Rest Assured Beds & Mattresses range

Rest assured beds and mattresses are made to the highest quality so you can ensure a good night's sleep night after night. Rest Assured mattresses come in a range of sizes, whether you want king size, double beds or single beds, Rest Assured has a range of beds suitable for you whatever your requirements might be. The Rest Assured product range such as the traditional Bonnell spring mattresses aptly named because it was the number one bestselling mattress for many years. Each of the beds designed by the Rest Assured range have layers of comfort and support built in, some people prefer a harder mattress than soft for support, whereas others prefer memory foam or something similar, Rest assured can help with finding the most perfect bed for you.

Rest Assured beds and mattresses offer the highest quality beds made with your comfort and support in mind, they also over a range of high-quality divans with storage options included. Each Rest Assured bed is made with the customer in mind.


Choosing Rest Assured beds & Mattresses from Toons

We have many types of beds at our showroom including Divan beds, beds with drawers, mattresses, and even TV beds!

To view all our ranges first hand, take a trip to our showroom which has a large car park, onsite lift, onsite coffee shop, and many more products for you to imagine in your home... To know more information about the Rest Assured beds and mattresses, please feel free to get in touch with us.