It's National Bed Month!

It's National Bed Month!

It's National Bed Month!

Posted on - 20th March 2015

National Bed Month

March is officially National Bed Month so there has never been a better time to invest in a new bed for a truly great nights sleep. People spend an estimated one third (that’s 229, 961 hours!) of their lives in bed so it can’t be overestimated how crucial a good bed is. The health benefits are endless and can help you feel better physically and mentally. Sleep is crucial to our wellbeing and productivity as has an effect on so many aspects of our lives.

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Do You Need a New Bed?

The Sleep Council is the leading authority on beds and highly recommend investing in a good quality bed. Here at Toons, we stock the best beds throughout Staffordshire, Tamworth, Burton-on-Trent and Leicestershire. We stock the very best brands including Silent Night, Hypnos. Kaymed and many many more. The Sleep Council says there a few questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a new bed or mattress:

  • Have you had the mattress for over seven years?

  • Can you feel any lumps or bumps in it?

  • Is the divan bed base uneven or sagging?

  • Have you slept better in a bed other than yours?

  • Do you regularly get disturbed in your sleep due to the small size of the bed?

  • Have any of the bed’s casters or legs worn out?

  • Do you wake frequently or wake up tired, unrefreshed or aching?

  • Would you be embarrassed if the neighbours so it without covers?

  • Does it make suspicious noises when you use it?

  • Do you and your partner roll towards each other unintentionally during the night?

If you answer yes to just three of these questions then you should get a new bed and mattress immediately. People often come back to us and tell us how pleasantly surprised they are when they buy a bed from Toons. And, with 0% finance across our beds and mattresses you could go home with one today!

Stocking the Best Beds In Leicestershire, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Tamworth

We have an unrivalled range of beds as well as furniture here at Toons. We highly recommend you come and visit our Derbyshire showroom so you can sample the beds for yourself and pick out the perfect one for you. You can also browse our range online here and we also offer free delivery on all purchases. So, if you would like to know anything else about our beds and mattresses please get in touch with us today!