Villa Nova By Villa Nova

Combining a blend of African, Native Central and South American influences to embody a sense of tribalism.

Huari - 7 colours - Bold sweeping brush strokes form abstract shapes

Asante - 7 colours - Corded embroidery creating an all-over maze of linear shapes

Toubou - 7 colours - A weave inspired by tribal basketweave with interlocking shapes and bold geometry

Kamba - 5 colours - Small irregular shapes to form a pattern inspired by tribal pottery

Elana - 5 colours - A standout sheer with raised yarn to form an all over chevron pattern

Marae - 3 colours - Large brush stroke pattern resembling weathered metallic blocks

Elole - 5 colours - A simplistic mono print with a geometric motif

Adire - 5 olours - Trellis design originally created using hand painted brush strokes


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