Unmatched Choice of Curtains in Swadlincote

The right curtains in Swadlincote can make all the difference to any room! They are more than just material, they keep out light and give you privacy at night. The wrong choice of curtain give off a negative ambience you are trying to convey and often undermine the rest of your interior design. Where as the right choice of curtain balances a rooms decor, completing and harmonising the interior as one. Our huge range of curtains are tailored to you, accommodating for odd shaped windows or specific requirements, you’ll still be able to receive our beautiful soft furnishings.

Bespoke Curtains in Swadlincote

We supply some of the UK’s most loved and well known brands of curtains in Swadlincote. Our curtains are made with only high quality materials that are designed to endure the domestic rigmarole of everyday life. To ensure your curtains are the perfect fit, our staff will come to your home to take the necessary measurements as well as advise you on any finishing touches, but take your hand out of your pocket because this service is completely free of charge!

Why Choose Toons for Curtains in Swadlincote

The Toons Superstore is the mothership of a comprehensive range of curtains in Swadlincote and has been our home since 1987. Our showroom is full of mock up rooms and settings, giving you a visual reference as to what your new curtains will look like.

Our showroom in Swadlincote is only a short drive from the town centre. To complete and add a finishing touch to your home, we have a huge range of curtains and other soft furnishing in store. We consider our customer service team to be the best in the area so for more information about our winter sale or our measuring service, come and see us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Carpets in Leicestershire

Dream carpets in Leicestershire at fantastic prices!

Make your floors warm and cosy underfoot and completely transform your home with our carpets in Leicestershire. Here at Toons Furnishing Superstore, we have over 30 years of carpet knowledge. We know it’s vital to find a long lasting carpet that suits your home. Our expert team have put together a selection of carpets woven from the finest materials made by the best UK brands.

Why choose our carpets in Leicestershire?

Now that the days are colder, and the nights are longer, just think what our carpets in Leicestershire could provide for you! Make cold floors comfortable, a good carpet will help to insulate your room and have you feeling cosy in no time. There are styles to suit modern and traditional homes that have a unique character without a huge price tag.

If you are looking for plain carpets in Leicestershire to create a contemporary look, then our Anniversary Twist carpets have many reasons to tempt you! Firstly, they are made from wool and polyester which is guaranteed to instantly make your home feel warmer. Secondly, we have twelve colours stocked to suit every taste and bring a room to life.

Maybe patterned carpets are your preferred choice? We strongly recommend brands such as the Abbeyglen Axminster carpet as these have been beautifully designed with traditional Irish plaids using axminster material to create a soft touch. Suitable for heavy domestic use and perfect for traditional homes.

Be spoilt for choice with our carpets in Leicestershire

Come and see all our carpets in Leicestershire for yourself. Take a trip to our huge showroom and discover the best carpets around. Our experts will provide you with any advice on design and materials. Contact us for more information and our team will be happy to help. We also stock products for any room in your home and offer a delivery service too.

dreamy beds in tamworth

Dreamy Beds in Tamworth

If you’re looking for beds in Tamworth, head down to Toons. We are renowned for our choice of beds, stocking some of the UK’s most loved brands such as ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Hypnos’ just to name a couple. Our showroom is home to over 60 beds in a variety of styles and designs many of which are set up in realistic room settings showing off how they will look in your bedroom.

The Importance of Quality Beds in Tamworth

We spend a third of our lives in bed! Your bed is an important choice that needs to be right. A bed impacts everything you do in life, it’s where we start the day and where we retire to at night. Our beds in Tamworth can help you sleep soundly overnight so that you wake up feeling fresh and ready for a new day. Here are just a few of the reasons why the right bed is so important.

Many people think our brains switch off when we fall asleep, when in fact it is the exact opposite. Improved sleep that comes with a good quality bed and mattress has a big impact on the way we store and process new information, making it paramount for education and learning.

Sleep is vital for good health. While a good night’s sleep will not prevent illness alone, researchers have determined it reduces the chance of heart disease, heart attacks, obesity and diabetes. Neglect sleep and your health could suffer!

Good sleep can help control your weight and improves mental and physical health. Being tired decreases motivation to exercise or eat well. Additionally, being sleep deprived increases the hormone leptin, which encourages cravings for fatty foods.

Contact Toons for Beds in Tamworth

Find the beds in Tamworth you’ve been dreaming of in our superstore. Our experienced staff are on hand to help with any queries you may have. Alternatively, please contact us with any questions

Blinds in Staffordshire

Blinds in Staffordshire that will transform your home

There are many reasons for buying new blinds in Staffordshire. Replace an old set, refresh the décor of your home and create privacy. Our blinds at Toons Furnishing Superstore will give you all that and more!

Throughout the decades of trading we have become known for quality and service, only supplying the best brands from UK manufacturers. With specially selected and exciting ranges which offer superb value for money.

The best blinds in Staffordshire at great prices!

Now that the New Year is here, make a fresh start. Give your home some TLC with our blinds in Staffordshire. They are a simple and easy way to create privacy in your home whilst maintaining a stylish look from our many designs such as roller, venetian, vertical or wooden weaves – guaranteed to suit any interior or window size.

For blinds in Staffordshire which create a distinctive look, the S Craft shutters are sure to impress! Beautifully designed to look elegant in any modern or traditional setting, you will fall in love with the unique appearance that your home will gain.

For a more traditional look, our Rol Lite vertical blinds are the solution to most bow windows. There are many colours available for headrails and blinds such as white, brown, champagne, or black.

Discover quality blinds in Staffordshire at our showroom

January is a time when people are looking for the best deals and trends. We have 10% of all our blinds in Staffordshire! Discover the ideal blind in our showroom and you can also arrange for our team to fit it in your home. If you would like to know more information about our any of our blinds and other products such as beds, furniture, carpets and more, please contact us. We will help you with any enquires!

curtains in swadlincote

Brighten Your Home with our Curtains in Swadlincote

It may be cold and dreary outside but you can still brighten up your home this winter with our stunning selection of curtains in Swadlincote! Whether you’re looking for something colourful and floral or something subtle and modest, we guarantee to have something for everyone here at Toons Furnishers. What’s more, with our big winter sale, you can enjoy some excellent discounts to really start the new year off right!

Choose from ready-made or custom curtains in Swadlincote

At Toons, we believe that a room can be defined by its curtains. In fact, if chosen correctly, they can really add character and warmth to a room whilst also providing you with a sense of privacy. For this reason, we stock and supply a huge range of ready-made curtains in Swadlincote to ensure that we have something to suit every style, budget and requirement. From traditional patterns, to modern, sleek styles, we can help you to effortlessly transform any room.

If you’re looking for a chic set of custom-made curtains, then we can provide you with a stunning selection of fabrics which can also be used to create matching soft furnishings to create a coordinated and sophisticated look. Our staff can also provide a measuring and fitting service to ensure that you get the best fit every time.

For curtains in Swadlincote Visit Our Showroom

If you’re looking to give your home a refresh this winter, then why not pay a visit to our showroom to view some of our curtains in person? Our extensive selection of curtains in Swadlincote reflects our passion to provide our customers with only the best in quality and customer satisfaction. For more information about our showroom, products, measuring service, or to find out more about our winter sale, please do not hesitate to contact us, a member of our team will be more than happy to help!

hypnos beds in staffordhire

Make Toons Your First Call for Beds in Staffordshire!

The New Year is in full swing and that means one thing, it’s now the perfect time to be shopping for beds in Staffordshire! With Christmas now over, it’s time to focus on treating yourself and here at Toons Furnishers, we’re home to some of the finest beds throughout the whole of Staffordshire. As a family run business with almost 50 years’ experience, we’ve seen many brands come and go and today, we’re proud to be a leading supplier of some of the UK’s most loved brands. From stylish ottoman beds which offer clever storage solutions, to cosy upholstered beds and easy to use adjustable beds which are perfect for those with mobility issues, we can help you to find the bed of your dreams without breaking the bank!

A blissful nights sleep guaranteed with our beds in Staffordshire!

At Toons, we understand that shopping for beds in Staffordshire can be a difficult task, especially when you have to take into consideration budget, size and style. For this reason, we stock over 60 bedsteads and divan beds at our showroom in Swadlincote, to ensure that we have something for everyone.
One of our most popular beds at the moment is the Hypnos Cirrus. This is a pillow top model which offers luxury cushioning above a pocket sprung mattress to provide a blissful level of comfort and support all night long. The bed also features a turn reactive spring which retains the spring height through dual heat treatment. What’s more, it also comes with a 10 year guarantee for consumer confidence and durability.
Another favourite is the Amber 750 bed by Silentnight. Equipped with exclusive Zoned Mircaoil springs, this timeless divan offers comfort, support and pressure relief for all shapes and sizes!

Visit us today to view our beds in Staffordshire & much more!

If you’re dreaming of catching some hard earned z’s on a brand new bed, why not pay a visit to Toons? Based a short drive away in Swadlincote, we have over 60 beds on display at our showroom and we currently have a big winter sale on so you can really find a bargain! For more information about our beds in Staffordshire, please do not hesitate to get in touch! We also have a huge selection of soft furnishings available including bedding and accessories.

Beds in Leicestershire

Beat the January blues with discounts on our beds in Leicestershire!

Start 2018 with a comfortable new bed. Buy one of our beds in Leicestershire and sleep in total bliss tonight! If saving money is your new year’s resolution, there’s quality beds that combine comfort and big discounts in our Winter Sale at Toons. Whether you have a traditional or modern home, our team has over 30 years’ experience in matching the right type of bed to you.

The best brands for our beds in Leicestershire

We know that our customers like their beds in Leicestershire to provide fulfilling sleep, stylish looks, and come at a great price. You can be assured that all our beds are made with the finest materials to deliver great value for money.

A brand that has become a favourite with our customers is the Hypnos beds range, and we know that you will love them! Said to be the most comfortable beds in the world and beautifully finished for a strong style statement. You can relax in cosiness during these cold January nights. Not forgetting that you can get a 5ft for the price of a 4ft 6inch in our Winter Sale!

Our wooden beds in Leicestershire create a traditional homely feel with a contemporary twist. You’re going to adore the Kingstown range! These are designed from wooden furniture specialists who use the latest trend of wood to get the best finish and design. We currently have an incredible 40% off these admirable beds!

Visit our showroom for a range of beds in Leicestershire

So, if you like the look of our beds in Leicestershire, why not visit us and chat to our friendly team? Browse through the beds in the Winter Sale along with carpets, sofas, and other furniture. Buy a new bed today and we can deliver free to our home in no time! For more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

striped carpets in leicestershire

Carpets in Leicestershire to Suit Everyone’s Style

Our carpets in Leicestershire can transform any home. Whether you are looking for subtle minimalistic shades or creating a bold statement you’ll find it at Toons. Our store is home to thousands of samples, showing off the many stunning designs, styles and colours. You’ll be able to visualise your furniture on your new carpet, creating inspirational ideas for the interior of your home. In stock are some of Britain’s most loved brands. There are soft comfy carpets that will cushion your feet and will also withstand heavy domestic use.

Patterned or Plain Carpets in Leicestershire

Our winter sale is still on, and there has never been a better time to order your new carpet in Leicestershire. For a bold, daring design choose our ‘Castlemead Velvet Stripe’ carpet which injects colour and elongates the room, giving the impression of an open space. Or elect for a simple subtle design such as ‘Hidden Depths’, a luxurious collection that comes in a variety of colours which bring their own individual personality to a room but don’t clash with current patterns.

Who said you have to choose one or the other! Create a wow factor by combining patterned and plain carpets to bring modern sophistication to any space. Speak to our customer service team who are on hand to walk you through the vast options we have to transform your room.

Contact Toons For Carpets in Leicestershire

We started selling carpets in Leicestershire in 1969 and haven’t stopped since. Our reputation for excellent quality furnishings and customer service has been developed for nearly 50 years. Our customer service is tailored towards you, this allows us to be flexible and competitively priced.

If you’re looking for carpets in Leicestershire see the collection online, or come and see the full range in store. Contact us for more details from one of our helpful customer service team.

Blinds in Derbyshire

Save money this January with our blinds in Derbyshire

Now that the new year begins, but the darks nights are still here, why not create some extra privacy in your home with our blinds in Derbyshire at Toons? Our fantastic Winter Sale includes 10% off all blinds!

Blinds in Derbyshire to create privacy and style

We stock a huge range of blinds in Derbyshire that fit in any standard sized windows. However, we also make custom blinds to suit non standard windows and individual styling too. Both standard and bespoke blinds ensure privacy for your life at home while adding decoration to a window. We have some great options for you.

If you are looking for something simple which adds a pop of colour to refresh a room, then our vertical blinds will be ideal. These come in a range of colours to match every interior. Constructed out of quality fabrics which include a 100% UV block rating, they also have anti-bacterial properties to prevent mould and maintain a good condition. We know you will be impressed by the quality and variety of these blinds.

Looking for blinds in Derbyshire to add character? Our Rol Lite Venetian blinds will be the ones you want. Designed using full grain basswood, these have a beautiful natural tone and can be made more personal by choosing between finishes such as deep grain, metallic, distressed, or rustic!

Come and see our blinds in Derbyshire

With all these great benefits in mind, we don’t want you to miss these discounts on our blinds in Derbyshire! Why not take a trip to our 60,000-square foot showroom and we can help you pick your ideal blind? You will also get the chance to browse our other home products in store. If you would like to know more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

Rugs in Leicestershire

Fantastic discounts on our selected rugs in Leicestershire

Make a statement in your home this new year! Discover rugs in Leicestershire at Toons Furnishing Superstore to add style and comfort at amazing prices! Since the day we started in 1969, we have developed our knowledge in supplying home products and we only use the best UK manufacturers to maintain quality.

There’s something for everyone in our Winter Sale. Get an impressive 50% off selected rugs and roll ends for a limited time – don’t miss out!

Bold and sophisticated rugs in Leicestershire

Our rugs in Leicestershire are the perfect solution to cold floors, or if your current rug has become tired and worn. Not only do we have brands that are made with beautiful patterns, we also have the softest and thickest rugs around! Twilight rugs are fast becoming popular due to their simplicity to suit any home, including a woven material that will add warmth and feel pleasant to walk on.

Maybe you’re looking for traditional rugs in Leicestershire? We’ve got you covered! Known for their premium quality and exceptional pattern precision, our Davinci rugs will impress your guests while looking authentic in any classically styled home.

If you have a modern home and want to add a sophisticated touch to your living or bedroom, then why not consider our Woodstock rugs? With distinctive patterns they are guaranteed to be eye-catching, and combining hard-wearing materials for longevity means you will get excellent value for money!

Visit our showroom and discover rugs in Leicestershire

We can proudly say that we are the leading supplier of rugs in Leicestershire. The Toons team delivers attentive customer service and an outstanding choice of products to make your home unique. Take a trip to our showroom, and enjoy browsing through all our Winter Sale items such as beds, carpets, and furniture. If you would like to know more information, then please do not hesitate to get in touch!