Blinds in Lichfield

Make Your Home Cosy with Our Beautiful Thermal Blinds in Lichfield

The time has come to start preparing for the winter months! With our fabulous supply of blinds in Lichfield, you can make your home extra cosy with a new element that’s ideal for insulating and creating privacy.

Who doesn’t want to same a bit of extra money on the run up to the festive period? Our blinds are created by the best British manufactures, using quality thermal fabrics which can be made bespoke to suit your interior… Helping you save up to 30% on heating bills!

With so many options to choose from here at Toons such as roller blinds, Venetian, vertical, and even shutters, were guaranteed to have something for everyone to suit all budgets.

Offering So Many Blinds in Lichfield

There are so many routes to go down when choosing new blinds in Lichfield, at our showroom we have all different styles, shapes, and sizes so that you can really visual what your blinds would look and pick your favourite one.

To have the ultimate insulation in your home along with a natural authentic beauty, our Venetian blinds and S Craft shutters give a truly exceptional look and are made with full grain basswood. This material is ideal for keeping in the heat in your home, and also provides an extra level of security.

For a more traditional and colourful look, we highly recommend our supply of roller or vertical blinds in Lichfield. These can be made personally to suit the size of your window, and are a cost effective way of adding a layer of insulation and privacy… With so many colours and patterns to choose from, you’ll be able to show off your autumnal style simply by adding in blinds!

Professional Measuring & Fittings for All Blinds in Lichfield

For all fittings of blinds in Lichfield, our dedicated team make sure they have the perfect measurements for a precise and professional finish.

To know more information about our blinds and other areas we supply to such as Burton on Trent, feel free to contact us today or visit our impressive showroom in Derbyshire!

Carpets in Derbyshire

Warm Up Your Home with Our Carpets in Derbyshire

Welcome to a world of stylish and durable winter carpets in Derbyshire at Toons Furnishing Superstore!

With over 50 years’ experience in supplying and stocking carpets to sell in various areas including Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, and Tamworth – we are one of the leading showrooms to visit if you’re hoping to re-style your home with beautiful new furnishings and products made from quality British manufactures.

To make sure your home is ready for the cooler months, adding in a new carpet banishes cold floors in an instant, along with adding in some unique style. They’re also great for saving money on heating bills!

Immaculate Carpets in Derbyshire

One thing we love about our carpets in Derbyshire, is not only can they add some style and texture to your interior, they are also extremely durable and easy to clean, allowing you to keep them looking immaculate during the cold rainy days.

To make sure that your new carpet is beneficial all year round, all our carpets in Derbyshire are designed specially with leading technology wool so that they maintain the heat in the winter and are breathable in the summer. The fantastic quality allows your home to stay refreshed, collecting dust particles that may irritate breathing conditions!

We absolutely love September here at Toons, as it’s a chance for us to stock our showroom with fabulous autumnal styles and soft warm hues which are the perfect recipe for creating a cosy home. You’ll have the chance to see all our thick and colourful carpets in real life settings and sink your toes into the luxurious wool fibres.

Order Your Carpets in Derbyshire While You Can

During this time of year, our carpets in Derbyshire become really popular and our dedicated team work extremely hard to make sure every customer gets their new addition before the winter hits.

To make sure we have plenty of time to install your new carpet, visit our showroom in Swadlincote and we can give you a little tour around or contact us today to arrange a free measuring service… We believe that a new carpet is just what you need to have the ultimate homely interior!

Beds in Leicestershire

Get Snug & Cosy This Autumn with Our Fabulous Supply of Beds in Leicestershire

Now that the cooler Autumn nights have arrived and with winter being just around the corner, were turning up the heat here at Toons by stocking and supplying some of the most luxurious and cosy beds in Leicestershire!

Made to an exceptional quality and with so many beautiful designs to fit in with the season, our showroom in Swadlincote includes options to suit any interior, along with designs that’re guaranteed to give your home that snug ambience.

The Most Diverse Supply of Beds in Leicestershire

As the autumn weather sets in, we cant stop day dreaming about our fabulous supply of beds in Leicestershire and the amount of relaxation you can get from the big plush mattresses and cushions. There is simply no better way to spend the cooler nights this September, and we can make sure that you get snuggled up in your new bed before the winter arrives.

Of course when searching for your new bed, you want something that’s going to last, look great, and support you perfectly whilst you sleep. We take the importance of getting a good nights sleep seriously, and as a result were home to some of the most beneficial brands on the market such as Silent Night, La Z Boy, Hypnos and much more

All our beds are made with the world’s leading sleep technology, and materials that help to maintain health due to their remarkable quality – this reputation has made us one of the leading suppliers of beds in Leicestershire!

If you have a certain style in mind that you like, we can make any soft furnishings bespoke for a unique personal touch… Just let us work our magic and we can transform your bedroom into something breath-taking.

View our Beds in Leicestershire at Our Showroom

To make sure you are completely happy with your beds in Leicestershire before you buy, we highly recommend you take a trip to our showroom where you can see real-life representations and then relax in our coffee shop.

For any further questions about our other products, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Carpets in Derbyshire

Get Cosy in Your Home with Our Carpets in Derbyshire

There are some truly marvellous ways to add extra warmth into your home during the colder months, and our fabulous carpets in Derbyshire are the perfect addition you need to add style, insulate, and create a comfortable flooring to sink your toes into.

With Autumn being just around the corner and the dark nights creeping in, make your interior fall ready with our quality patterned and coloured carpets or keep it simple with a thick and durable option. Whatever you need for your home this September, you can find it all at Toons Furnishing Superstore!

Carpets in Derbyshire Made to Exceptional Quality

Since this time of year is all about wrapping up warm and relaxing in the comfort of your home, installing one of our carpets in Derbyshire is just what you need for that added cosiness. With so many popular and luxury brands to choose from in our selection, every carpet is made using the most reliable materials to help insulate your home – it’s like putting a thick fluffy coat on your floors to keep the warmth in!

Of course, when searching for carpets in Derbyshire, you want something that is fashionable to make a unique impression… We have many colours, designs, and patterns to choose from, allowing you to go as creative and quirky with your carpets as you wish. We even have beautiful traditional carpets for anyone with an authentic and timeless taste.

To make our services even more worthwhile, we currently have a helpful interest free credit scheme…This mean that if you don’t have all the money up front then don’t worry! With this you can pay a small deposit and have up to 12 months to pay it back!

All Carpets in Derbyshire Delivered & Fitted for You

We understand that having new carpets in Derbyshire can be a stressful process, especially if you’ve had to move all your furniture. To make sure you are stress free, our dedicated team will complete any measuring, delivering, and fittings for you so you can get your home looking fabulous quickly.

To know more information about our products and showroom based in Swadlincote, feel free to contact us for advice!

New fireplaces at Toons Furnishing Superstore

Exciting New Products Coming Soon at Toons HQ!

We have some exciting new products coming to Toons furniture department just in time for when Autumn begins! Now that the cooler weather has arrived, and we are wrapping up warm in our homes, we want to take your cosiness to the next level with our fabulous new products – fireplaces!

In the winter, a home wouldn’t be the same without a fire place, and to make sure that you get something that not only provides extra warmth, we’ve stocked up on some of the most stylish brands on the market so that you can create the ultimate wow-factor.

New fireplace ideas

Our New Fireplaces Creating Beautiful Focal Points

One thing we love about our new additions, is how they can completely transform the look of a room, whilst adding in a cosy ambience… Fireplaces are fast becoming a new way of creating unique focal points, and with our amazing modern and traditional options, you’ll be able to stay up to date with the latest trends! Below is a snippet of what’s to come:New fireplace ideasNew fireplace ideas

Another great thing about our new fireplaces is how efficient and durable they are. These products require little maintenance, are incredibly easy to manage, and are energy efficient to help save you money on your heating bills.

All you need to do is let us help you with the design process and our experienced team will fit it for you – we guarantee you are going to love them!

Visit Our Showroom to See & Try Our New Fireplaces!

If you would like to see our new products, take a trip to our showroom where you can see for yourselves just how remarkable their quality truly is. You’ll even have the opportunity to view our other products such as furniture, carpets, beds, and soft furnishings… Together, we can get your home winter ready!

To know more information about our home products and showroom, feel free to contact us with enquires and our team will be happy to help.

Carpets in Leicestershire

Show Your Autumnal Style with Our Carpets in Leicestershire!

Say hello to September, and welcome the warm and cosy autumn tones into your home with our fabulous range of carpets in Leicestershire… Designed with both quality and style in mind, along with unbeatable prices – our seasonal carpets are totally gorgeous and guaranteed to leave your home feeling mellow for the cooler months ahead…

By taking a trip to us at Toons Furnishing Superstore, you will be greeted by a range of new soft furnishings, furniture, carpets, and rugs all inspired by one of our most favourite times of the year!

A Leading Supplier of Carpets in Leicestershire

Alongside the usual fall colours such as orange, red, yellow, and brown, interior design has started to become more creative and hues such as deep purple, black, green, and navy are said to be a big choice for carpets in Leicestershire. By choosing these bold and dynamic colours, you will be able to create one of the most stylish interiors on the block whilst keeping that warm homely feel throughout your home.

Of course, whilst your new carpet will add a sense of unique style, our carpets are perfect for the cooler months to help insulate your home. With most of our stocked brands using the finest quality wool materials and with designs that’ll look great all year round, our carpets in Leicestershire are easy to clean, durable, and feel absolutely wonderful under your toes.

Carpets which we love this year include the stainfree Emperor, Wyre Forest, Caerphilly Twist, and Cartouche Velvet – all of which are available in a range of stunning colours to tie in with your new autumn inspired interior.

Let Us Measure Your Perfect Carpets in Leicestershire

Since we are based in Derbyshire, we will visit your home when measuring carpets in Leicestershire so that we can deliver and install straight away once its ready. All you need to do is contact us to arrange an appointment.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a fun day out, take a trip to our showroom and discover a showroom packed with the best home products, an onsite coffee shop, and yummy food for you to try!

Beds in Leicestershire

Back to School & Better Sleep with The Best Supply of Beds in Leicestershire

Are your children struggling to sleep at night? September is month all about understanding the importance of children getting enough sleep so that they can remain alert, improve concentration, and get the most out of their growth and development… With our fantastic supply of beds in Leicestershire, we can help to solve this issue and get your kids back to school well rested!

Known throughout the UK for our top brands and stunning styles, we have beds that are going to have you and your young ones sleeping on the clouds with unbeatable prices that you don’t want to miss.

Top Brands for Our Beds in Leicestershire

You simply cannot get a good nights sleep if you have a bed and mattress that’s old and worn. To make sure that we have one of the best supplies of beds in Leicestershire, we use only the best manufactures who design beds that support and comfort you whilst you sleep… Some of our most popular brands include Hypnos, Balmoral, Orthocare, Hayley, and much more!

To make sure that you get the most from us here at Toons Furnishing Superstore, we think its important to see and try before you buy… By taking a short trip to our impressive showroom based in Swadlincote you will have the chance to browse all of our bed options and together we can find one that fits in with your budget perfectly. Bring along your kids to ensure they’re happy too!

If there’s a particular style of bed that you have in mind, we have the most diverse range of beds in Leicestershire with designs that’re suitable for both modern and traditional interiors – available in any size you can think of.

Helping You Choose Your Beds in Leicestershire

We understand that looking for the right beds in Leicestershire might be a difficult decision, we are here to help you along the way and we’re just a phone call away to answer any of your questions.

Take a look at our online showroom page on our website.

Carpets in Tamworth

Prepare for The Cooler Months with The Best Supply of Carpets in Tamworth

Can you believe that Autumn is just two weeks away! With the summer weather coming to an end and with many people looking for quality carpets in Tamworth, you can prepare for those cold rainy days with a luscious soft carpet that’s hard wearing, excellent value for money, and stylish.

With over fifty years’ experience in the carpets industry and with a fantastic family grown team, our range has become one of the best in Derbyshire – now supplying to surrounding areas such as Tamworth, Swadlincote, Lichfield, and much more!

No Better Place to Get Your Carpets in Tamworth

With so many options to choose at Toons for carpets in Tamworth, finding the right one needs careful planning, evaluations, and budgeting. Our experts can help you with every step from start to finish, making sure you get a carpet that fits in with your budget and lifestyle!

If you’re hoping to create warmth in your home during the new season, a carpet is a brilliant way to add insulation and provide your feet with a snug place to walk on… Most of our carpets in Tamworth are made from temperature regulating materials such as wool and Wilton, meaning your carpet is great for managing temperatures all year round.

Not only will our carpets provide you with the ultimate comfort in your home, you can also experience a range of other benefits such as stylish and trendy designs, intricate patterns, and bold colours to really take your interior design to the next level!

Discover our complete range of carpets on our website, including carpet tiles, rugs, and hard flooring.

A Complete Delivery Service on All Carpets in Tamworth

To make sure you’re visit to us in Derbyshire is worth your time, you can view every option for carpets in Tamworth in our impressive showroom, whilst browsing other products such as furniture, soft furnishing, and beds – we even have a summer sale currently running.

After all this shopping and gathering advice from our experts, bring along your family for a relaxing trip out to relax in our coffee shop. Serving hot and cold beverages, tasty meals, ice cream, and much more!

Beds in Ashby De La Zouch

The Ultimate Sleeping Experience with Our Supply of Beds in Ashby De La Zouch

Getting a better nights sleep has never been more important, and with day-to-day stresses affecting the quality of our sleep patterns, we have one of the most beneficial supply of beds in Ashby De La Zouch at Toons!

With so many top brands to choice from such as Hypnos, Silent night, and Sweet Dreams, these beds are proven by the sleep council to provide you with the right comfort, support, and temperature that you need to help relax your mind.

By choosing to use Toons for your new bed this year, you’re guaranteed to find something that’s amazing quality, affordable, and most importantly comfortable.

A Supply of Beds in Ashby De La Zouch You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

When searching for beds in Ashby De La Zouch, it’s important to consider factors such as durability, style, size, and design.

If you’re someone who suffers from backache or asthma and regularly find you’re tossing and turning throughout the night… See this problem vanish with one of our luxurious Hypnos Orthocare 10 beds designed with temperature regulating wool, an anti-dust barrier, and quality pocket springs to keep your bed plush and cosy – it’s the bed you need to create the ultimate sleeping experience!

Not only do our supply of beds in Ashby De La Zouch help with your ability to get a good sleep, our ranges and top quality brands offer a touch of style to suit both modern and traditional homes.

See Your Beds in Ashby De La Zouch Before You Buy

Here at Toons Furnishing Superstore, we think it’s important to let our customers see and test our supply of beds in Ashby De La Zouch before they buy… We are inviting you to join us this year and visit our amazing showroom in Derbyshire!

Not only will you discover a vast range of beds, you can view other home products such as furniture, soft furnishings, carpets, and rugs along with expert advice from us. You can even relax in our onsite coffee shop after all your shopping!

Carpets in Derbyshire

Get Your Home Ready for The Cooler Days with Our Carpets in Derbyshire

Now that summer is coming to an end and the cooler days are back, preparing your home with quality carpets in Derbyshire is the best way to insulate, create warmth, and banish those annoying cold floors!

With so many years’ experience in the carpet industry, and with a team of designers who have stocked up on the best UK manufactures, our carpets are uniquely designed to keep your home or work warmer in the colder months, without you having to put on the heating straight away!

The Most Impressive Carpets in Derbyshire

Did you know that our carpets in Derbyshire can also improve your health? Studies have shown that carpets are a natural air filter because they collect dust to be hovered that would’ve been circulating in your room – this is perfect if yourself or your children suffer with respiratory problems…

With this being said, this means that our carpets in Derbyshire will not only save you money on heating, help to keep your home warm, and give your toes something comfortable to sink into – they will also give you health benefits!

Think our carpets couldn’t impress you anymore? What if we told you that just for a small cost, you could get all these improvements as well as giving your home or work a new design makeover! Keep up-to-date with the latest interior trends with our carpets, and discover a vast range of intricate patterns, bold colours, and luxury fabrics to suit both modern or traditional properties.

A World of Carpets in Derbyshire At Our Showroom

So, if you’re looking for carpets in Derbyshire that tick all the boxes om terms of quality, comfort, and durability, look no further than Toons Furnishing Superstore! With help from our team and amazing real-life presentations at our showroom, we can help you pick the perfect carpet for you…

To know more information today before you visit us, contact us and we can help with any enquires.