Carpets in Derbyshire

Get Your Home Ready for The Cooler Days with Our Carpets in Derbyshire

Now that summer is coming to an end and the cooler days are back, preparing your home with quality carpets in Derbyshire is the best way to insulate, create warmth, and banish those annoying cold floors!

With so many years’ experience in the carpet industry, and with a team of designers who have stocked up on the best UK manufactures, our carpets are uniquely designed to keep your home or work warmer in the colder months, without you having to put on the heating straight away!

The Most Impressive Carpets in Derbyshire

Did you know that our carpets in Derbyshire can also improve your health? Studies have shown that carpets are a natural air filter because they collect dust to be hovered that would’ve been circulating in your room – this is perfect if yourself or your children suffer with respiratory problems…

With this being said, this means that our carpets in Derbyshire will not only save you money on heating, help to keep your home warm, and give your toes something comfortable to sink into – they will also give you health benefits!

Think our carpets couldn’t impress you anymore? What if we told you that just for a small cost, you could get all these improvements as well as giving your home or work a new design makeover! Keep up-to-date with the latest interior trends with our carpets, and discover a vast range of intricate patterns, bold colours, and luxury fabrics to suit both modern or traditional properties.

A World of Carpets in Derbyshire At Our Showroom

So, if you’re looking for carpets in Derbyshire that tick all the boxes om terms of quality, comfort, and durability, look no further than Toons Furnishing Superstore! With help from our team and amazing real-life presentations at our showroom, we can help you pick the perfect carpet for you…

To know more information today before you visit us, contact us and we can help with any enquires.

Carpets in Leicestershire

Join Us for Afternoon Tea Week & Discover A Beautiful Supply of Carpets in Leicestershire!

Its never to late to join us for afternoon tea week, and if you are thinking of travelling in Derbyshire to discover the best supply of carpets in Leicestershire, your trip is guaranteed to be filled with many delights.

Here at Toons Furnishing Superstore, we are known for having a unique showroom experience that you simply won’t find anywhere else – with so much to choose from including furniture, soft furnishings, carpets, beds, and much more, bring along a friend or partner for a relaxing day of eating cake, sipping coffee, and discovering quality home products!

Offering the Best Brands for Our Carpets in Leicestershire

By deciding to join us for afternoon week, prepare to be amazed by the amount of carpets we have whilst you indulge in a tasty treat… Since we are experts at supplying our carpets in Leicestershire, we’re a top choice for areas like Derbyshire, Tamworth, Staffordshire, and Swadlincote because we will go beyond your expectations.

Of course, with so many carpets and luxury brands to choice from, finding the right one might be a challenge; therefore we have a range of contemporary and traditionally styled carpets, along with bright, bold, intricate, and patterned options. Do not worry… Our fantastic team will help you choose the best one for you!

Alongside the fantastic interior benefits you can get from our carpets in Leicestershire, autumn and winter are just around the corner! This time of year is perfect for planning your new carpet to make sure your home is insulated during the winter months.

Most of our carpets are made with quality wool, so we guarantee your carpet will feel glorious under your toes.

Arrange Your Carpets in Leicestershire This Week

So, for the perfect trip out this week and with a chance to discover your perfect carpets in Leicestershire options, come to Toons! If you would like to contact us with enquires or travel information, feel free to give us a call today.

beds in staffordshire

Picking the Right Beds in Staffordshire

Are you looking for a new bed in Staffordshire? If you’re in the market for a new bed, then Toons has the right bed for you. A change of bed can have huge positive mental and physical effects on your day-to-day life. With so many different styles of beds in Staffordshire to choose from, we thought we’d put together a helpful guide as to which is best for you.

Beds in Staffordshire Superstore

We’ve got an extensive range of beds in Staffordshire in all shapes and sizes and at a budget for all customers. Here are some of the styles of beds we offer…

Divan Beds: If storage is an issue then there are a variety of divan beds to choose from. Keep your possessions in order in a neat and tidy compartment which is out of sight.

Metal Beds: A timeless classic, robust and incredibly stylish. These traditional beds are as popular now as they’ve ever been. With hand polished casting and a range of finishes, add a touch of nostalgia with a metal bed.

Upholstered Beds: The ultimate statement of style and elegance. Upholstered beds instantly grab your eye when you enter a bedroom thanks to their striking headboards and usually, bold colouring.

Wooden Beds: A minimalist style of bed that combines the warmth and strength of this natural material. Available in single, double or king-size.

Come and have a Coffee when Shopping for Beds in Staffordshire

In addition to the beds in Staffordshire that have been mentioned above, here at Toons we also offer a range of beds for those who find mobility and issue. Sit up or lie the bed flat at the touch of a button. The sleepless night will be a thing of the past with our beds. Come and see up at our showroom in Swadlincote. Speak to our team and we’ll help you pick out the perfect bed.

Carpets in Derbyshire

Providing the Best Supply of Carpets in Derbyshire Since 1969

Back in the good old days where we started to supply our first lot of carpets in Derbyshire, we were using the best materials and fabrics from UK manufactures to build up the best supply of carpets around…

Since then, we have become to understand that carpets can provide more than just comfort in your home, and they’re a fantastic way to show your unique style and bring your interior to life.

By choosing to use Toons Furnishing Superstore for your new carpet, you are guaranteed to get one of the finest quality products on the market, along with fantastic price tags.

Create Any Style You Want with Our Carpets in Derbyshire

With so many brands and styles to choose from at Toons, finding your ideal carpets in Derbyshire has just got easier! With help from our fantastic design team, and excellent advice from the experts, we can give you what you’re looking for and make sure we go beyond your expectations…

From pattered to plain, colourful to neutral, or soft to hard-wearing, we have brands that’re tailored for any modern or traditional interior trends!

To add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home, why not consider our Cartouche velvet carpets in Derbyshire? Perfect for making a statement and designed in a modern tufted velvet, this carpet will give any room a wow factor with an irresistible soft touch.

A trend that we love at Toons this year is the ornate botanical style – we have plenty of carpets to suit this stunning trend such as the gorgeously patterned Anatolia Axminster, Castlemead Velvet Stripe, or the Kasbah Stripe.

Contact Us to Order Your Carpets in Derbyshire

If you have seen a carpet that you love on our website, contact us today to arrange a free measuring service and we’ll get your new carpet to you in a quick and easy process…

To see real-life representations of our carpets in Derbyshire, visit our showroom where you can browse home products and relax in our coffee shop!

Furniture in Ashby De La Zouch

Helping You Get the Most Remarkable Furniture in Ashby De La Zouch

Struggling to find your ideal furniture in Ashby De La Zouch? Just a short distance away in Derbyshire, you will find Toons Furnishing Superstore – home to some of the most premium and affordable furniture products in the country!

Known for our remarkable 60,000 square foot showroom, and expert design team who know how to transform your home interior, achieving your dream home has just got easier…

By simply visiting our showroom this summer or browsing on our website, we can help you to find something beautiful based around your budget – whether that be upholstery, dining furniture, garden furniture, carpets, beds, or soft furnishings… We have it all here at Toons!

Make Your Furniture in Ashby De La Zouch Stand Out from The Rest

The whole purpose of you visiting us for your furniture in Ashby De La Zouch is so that you can see real life representations of what your home could look like…. To make sure that your visit is worth your time, we can proudly say that we have one of the biggest showrooms in the regional area, with a vast supply of brand names for you to discover.

Since we are extremely dedicated in making sure our customers create the most stylish and personal interiors, we have stocked up on our furniture so that you can keep up to date with the latest fashion trends… We guarantee our supply of furniture in Ashby De La Zouch will be just what you need to transform your home!

We understand that having new furniture in your home can be costly… Therefore here at Toons we have completely banished this problem by hosting a fantastic summer sale! Take a look on our website by clicking here.

Contact Us to Know More About Furniture in Ashby De La Zouch

So, are you ready to take your furniture in Ashby De La Zouch to the next level with premium furniture brands? Contact us today and we can chat about what you’re hoping to achieve with your home design.

To know more information about our interest free credit, click here.

Carpets in Derbyshire

Take Your Flooring to The Next Level with Our Carpets in Derbyshire!

Did you know that our carpets in Derbyshire could add value to your property, save you money on insulation, and help you to create the most beautiful interior you have ever seen? Well, here at Toons Furnishing Superstore, we have the finest selection carpets for you to choose from – all designed with premium fabrics for a complete home makeover!

We understand that during the summertime you may not be thinking about carpets, but our range can help you to achieve that summer interior you’ve always wanted along with beautiful home furniture if you wish… Not to mention you will be prepared for the winter with more insulation!

Carpets in Derbyshire That Offer More Than Just Comfort

One of the main benefits of having our carpets in Derbyshire is the comfort you will be getting… Gone are the cold hard floors, replaced with luxurious fresh fabrics to give your home a breath of fresh air that it deserves!

If you are little unsure on which design to go for, do not worry, our experts will guide you through the process from start to finish… It doesn’t matter if you have a modern or traditional home – we will bring out its full potential with a beautiful new carpet.

To make our services bespoke and personal to you, we will offer you the best advice that’s tailored around your budget, so you don’t need to worry about carpets in Derbyshire being too expensive. All items we suggest will be affordable for you and measured, delivered, and installed professionally!

Contact Us for Prices or Visit Our Store

If you’re short of something to do this summer, why not take a trip to Toons and be amazed by the vast amount of home products you can view all in one place…

We have a café where you can enjoy yummy food, coffee, tea, and even ice cream for those hot sunny days – it’s the ultimate trip to find the perfect carpets in Derbyshire! Contact us for more information or enquires.

Curtains in Staffordshire

Stay Protected from UV With Our Curtains in Staffordshire in the Summer Sale

Phew! We’re really feeling the heat here at Toons Furnishing Superstore! That can only mean one solution to protect us from the UV when indoors – curtains in Staffordshire

If you are wondering what makes our curtains so useful for in the daytime and not just at night, we’ve noticed that many people want to protect their skin or children from UV light during the heatwave, and our curtains can act as a barrier whilst still remaining their colour and adding style to your home – it’s a win win situation!

The Many Benefits / Uses of Our Curtains in Staffordshire

So, we’ve mentioned how our curtains in Staffordshire can protect you from the sunlight this summer, but what other benefits can they do for you? Our curtains have so many useful features that you won’t look at curtains the same ever again!

One of the most crucial and important thing that our curtains can provide for you is privacy in your home due to the thick premium fabrics. Combine this with beautiful styles from the UKs leading curtain designers and you’ll have a home that is beaming with summer vibes – along with 20% off curtains in Staffordshire from the summer sale!

A new fabric at Toons that we particular love for this season is the voyage fabrics. Designed with stunning silky floral patterns which can be made into curtains, cushions, and blankets, you can tailor a theme throughout your home and you guaranteed to love the visual different this can do for you.

Any Other Questions About Curtains in Staffordshire? Contact Us Today!

If you are wondering how to get the process started, all you must do is contact us and we arrange a free measuring service for bespoke requirements and chat about your budget…. However if you have a standard window size, you can choose from our ready-made curtains for a quick process.

Once you have chosen your preferred curtains in Staffordshire on our website, we will give you an unbeatable price, arrange a complete delivery service, and fit them for your once they arrive – just like that you will have a new and improved home this summer!

Furniture in Staffordshire

New & Improved Furniture in Staffordshire For Summer!

The beautiful summer weather is definitely bringing good vibes here at Toons Furnishing Superstore, so much so that we have stocked up on new and improved furniture in Staffordshire, so that you can achieve the home interior you’ve always wanted! Even better… Most top brands are in the summer sale!

With so many years’ experience in the furniture industry and a reputation for having the best available brands on the market, you’ll find all the top styles and designs under one roof in the heart of Derbyshire…

With help from our fantastic team, we’ll make sure you’ve got the perfect furniture for you based around your budget.

What Can Our Furniture in Staffordshire Do for Your Home?

During this time of year, we tend to get more adventures with our interior, and the needed for stylish upholstery, colourful soft furnishings, and quality furniture in Staffordshire increases by an astonishing amount! When choosing new furniture for your home, you want to make sure its durable, excellent value for money, and will look great for many years – that’s exactly what you get at Toons!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have noticed certain home interior trends that we love and have tailored our summer sale based on these designs… If you have a modern home and want to make a statement with quirky upholstery, sofas such as Steeds are made with a breath-taking look that you simply won’t find anywhere else! Not to mention the price is amazing and we will even add in a free footstool.

Other big-name brands that we currently have in the sale include Parker Knoll, G-Plan, and Himollaclick here to see our complete sale!

Get in Touch to Order Your Furniture in Staffordshire

If you have fallen in love with our supply of furniture in Staffordshire, contact us today to order your new products.

We also have to option to view in store where you will see real-life representations along with expert advice from ourselves – (oh, and you can even enjoy a tea or coffee)!

Curtains in Staffordshire

Get Custom-made Curtains in Staffordshire From Our Fabulous Summer Sale!

For all you summer lovers out there… We have a summer sale on luxury curtains in Staffordshire! If you are redecorating this year, or if you have just moved into your new home, we have premium fabrics to be made into beautiful curtains and soft furnishings that can be tailored to your home.

Combine this with our fantastic discounts and you’re guaranteed to bag a bargain on items for your home and this kind of service can only mean one place – Toons Furnishing Superstore!

Finding Your Curtains in Staffordshire Has Just Got Easier

If you were to think of what things remind us of summer, it could be flowers, bright colours, and vibrant patterns… Here at Toons, our supply of curtains in Staffordshire can be made with the UKs most beautiful fabrics and you’re guaranteed to love the difference they make in your home.

For many people, the price of custom-made curtains in Staffordshire may be a little off putting, but with us you can feel at ease knowing your curtains are amazing value for money, tailored to your property, and fitted perfectly by our expert staff. All you simply must do is choose your favourite fabrics from our summer sale such as Beaumont, Voyage, or Prestigious (all of which have up to 20% off), and we will come to your home for a free measuring and planning service.

To make our services even more beneficial for you, any fabric can also be made into cushions, blankets, and wallpapers – so you can tailor your unique style throughout your home and achieve the interior you’ve always wanted!

A Stress-free Delivery for Curtains in Staffordshire

If you would like to fit your curtains in Staffordshire yourself then the option is there, however we can include a fitting in your quote and our expert fitters will do it for you in a stress-free process.

To know more information about our other home products, showroom, or delivery, feel free to contact us! You can also take a look at our ready-made curtains by clicking here.

Garden Furniture in Leicestershire

Be Summer Ready with Our Sale on Garden Furniture in Leicestershire

If you haven’t already invested in garden furniture for you home this summer, then you absolutely need to check out our fabulous sale on furniture in Leicestershire, so you can host parties, invite people round for BBQs, or relax in your garden! With so much choice of living, bedroom, and garden furniture available, you can shop till you drop and get your home completely summer ready if you wish.

Whatever you need for your home, we have it all at Toons Furnishing Superstore at affordable prices!

The Most Beautiful Supply of Garden Furniture in Leicestershire

Whether you have a modern or traditional home, looking for garden furniture in Leicestershire has just got easier because we have something for any home, not to mention our fantastic sale reductions that you simply wont want to say no to – especially now the sunny weather has arrived!

We have sizes and prices to suit any budget, so if you know you’ll be hosting a lot of summer parties or BBQs this year, our Martinique corner dining bench set will be just what you need to bring everyone together in a comfortable area. Designed with delicate rounded edges and deep Olefin cushions, this fantastic range of furniture in Leicestershire will not rust and is easy to clean – not to mention you can save up to £500!

Other great options for you to consider include our Martinique Companion Set for you and your partner, Solana Dining Sets, and much more!

To see our complete range of garden furniture in the sale, click here

More Than Just Furniture in Leicestershire

Would you like to see our furniture in Leicestershire in person before you buy? By taking a trip to our showroom in Derbyshire you can experience a fabulous range of home products such as carpets, rugs, upholstery, curtains, and more – who knows, you could end up giving you a home a complete makeover?

For any enquires that you may have, feel free to contact our helpful team today.