Carpets in Derbyshire

On Trend Carpets in Derbyshire for 2018

As we approach the half way point for 2018, it’s the perfect time to explore the trends for carpets in Derbyshire as they come to fruition. Ranging in varying colours, textures, patterns and types – there’s sure to be something that’s modern, tasteful and fitting for your home that’s exciting people currently.

At Toons, we have an ever expanding range of carpets and flooring options available for your perusal.

The Biggest Trends for Carpets in Derbyshire

In terms of colours in 2018, bold colours seem to be rising in popularity, with multi-colour options with clashing or contrasting colours getting a lot of attention. There’s also a lot of love for the likes of gray and blue carpets in Derbyshire.

For textures, soft carpet seems to be remaining popular this year – but the texture is becoming more and more important in homes. The texture of a carpet can be an easy way to add character to your home and is the perfect way to achieve what you’re looking for with soft, textured and ribbed carpets.

As the years go on, house design is becoming more and more creative, and patterns are continuing to thrive in regards to carpets in Derbyshire. Geometric carpets, tiled patterns and layered area rugs are easy ways to turn your flooring into a statement.

In the coming years, the trends around carpets in Derbyshire will drastically change with the likes of waterproof and stain proof carpet, as well as recycled carpets all set to take the industry by storm.

Contact us for Carpets in Derbyshire

With carpets and rugs already seeing a resurgence in popularity, make sure you’re on top of the trends. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you meet the trends for carpets in Derbyshire, please give our expert team a call today, and they will be happy to advise you further.

Carpets in Derbyshire

Create Beautiful Flooring with Our New Carpets in Derbyshire

Exclusively for Toons Furnishing Superstore, we have stocked up on new luxury carpets in Derbyshire that’re guaranteed to be a favourite for you this year… If you’re looking for a carpet that offers more than just comfort under your feet, our new range are full of character, colour, and style, and will make your interior exclusive.

With a touch of sophistication, unbeatable prices, and irresistible patters, you simply wont want to go anywhere else to achieve the home you’ve always wanted!

Premium Carpets in Derbyshire That’re Built to Last

To make sure we stock the best carpets in Derbyshire, our expert designers only select premium brands such as Pownall carpets… Made to absolute perfect with rich British wool and five different styles to choose from, this brand of carpet has so much to offer to suit any type of home.

To create a comfortable place to walk on whilst remaining aired in the summer, the Pownall comfort carpet will be perfect for you! This choice of colours you get for this carpet is remarkable and they are even mothproof treated for extra durability. Other great options for you to consider include Fenland Berber, Fenland Loop, and Fenland Twist – they’re all unique in their own way!

Along with Pownall, we have also added the Ryalux brand to our collection. Said to be the finest carpets in Derbyshire, and loved by people all over the UK, these are carpets are ideal for adding a rich and luxurious element to your interior. Take a look at the Simply Textures, Simply Loops, Simply Twist, and Simply Velvet Ryalux carpets on our website…

Pop In to See Our Carpets in Derbyshire

If you would like to see our fantastic range of carpets in Derbyshire, we highly recommended that you pop in to see us and we can show you around our showroom. Have the chance to browse real-life representations, relax in our coffee shop, and experience expert design advice – achieving your dream home has just got easier at Toons!

In the meantime, contact us today for enquires.

Carpets in Derbyshire

Summer Inspired Carpets in Derbyshire

There’s nothing quite like redecorating your home for summer, and with our uniquely designed carpets in Derbyshire, you can achieve those summery styles whilst keeping your home cool.

Bold carpets are a popular choice this year, and we have stoked up on a diverse range of choices to guarantee we have your ideal choices.

Whether you’re looking for a colourful, patterned, or dynamic carpet, we will have it here at Toons Furnishing Superstore no matter your budget!

Leading Supplier of Carpets in Derbyshire

If you are looking for some design inspiration for your home, we are the first place to go to discover creative carpets in Derbyshire! All our styles have been carefully made using top suppliers, and they designed every carpet with quality, durability, and of course fashion in mind.

While you may be thinking that carpets are for the winter, they are also great for the summer to insulate your home and add a cool atmosphere whilst adding in a touch of sophistication… By installing one of our Catherine carpets in Derbyshire, you will create a totally gorgeous interior with the diamond shape engravements, and to complete this trendy look, all you must do is add in cream or white furniture, colourful soft furnishings, and traditional statements!

For modern homes, we have recently stocked up on the latest summer carpets that’re going to fall in love with! One that has been particularly popular at Toons is the Cartouche Velvet Carpet… Even though this works well in bedrooms, the tufted valet material has a luxuriously soft feel under your toes and will look great in livings areas – (they’re also available in over twenty colours)!

Let Us Help Choose the Right Carpets in Derbyshire For You

Our aim at Toons is to give every customer a product that they’re happy with, so to make sure you’re truly satisfied with your choice, take a trip to our showroom and our team will help you find your ideal carpets in Derbyshire… In the meantime, contact us and we can help you with any enquires!

Sofas in Lichfield

Take Advantage of our Huge Range of Sofas in Lichfield

From sofas that will make a statement in your home to traditional pieces that will have all of your friends and family talking, if you’re looking for Sofas in Lichfield, we’re sure we will have something for you at Toons Furnishers.

And while we can provide a wide array of styles and designs ranging from stylish leather all the way to snug sofa beds, you can also choose from a wide selection of colours and patterns to find something that suits your taste.

Sofas in Lichfield from British Manufacturers

At Toons, we source the best quality sofas from British manufacturers – ensuring you can get a suite you can trust.

When searching for sofas in Lichfield, we know that quality is an important factor in your decision, which influences the choice of our stock that is available to view in our showroom or online.

As we’re a family owned and family run independent retailer, we can offer a wider choice of quality products from the best suppliers at very competitive prices. It also means we’re able to tailor our service to meet particular needs.

For sofas in Lichfield, we aim to make the purchase experience as stress-free as possible, and pride ourselves on providing you with a highly experienced team who can provide impeccable customer service to you. And if that’s not enough, our customer service doesn’t end in the store, as we have a skilled team of delivery staff who will deliver your new purchase, and remove old sofas in Lichfield and the surrounding areas.

For Sofas in Lichfield, Pop into our Showroom or Get in Touch

You can browse through our collection online, or pop into our showroom – where you can take full advantage of free parking, our stylish cafe and free design advice. If you’d like more information, feel free to contact our helpful team today!

Curtains in Staffordshire

Browse our Large Selection of Curtains in Staffordshire

If you’re on the search for curtains in Staffordshire, then we think you’ve found what you’re looking for. Here at Toons, we have one of the widest selections of curtains in Staffordshire – meaning you’re likely to find something that you’ll adore.

We stock huge brands in the form of Rectella and Curtain Express in an array of elegant designs, sure to add a bit of flavour to any room in the house. Better still, we’ve got an awesome range of ready-made curtains which means you can dress your windows the same day as you purchase.

A Variety in Styles of Curtains in Staffordshire

Even if you’re feeling like you want your curtains to be a little bit different, we understand that sometimes you’ll have something specific in mind. That’s exactly why we specialise in the creation of bespoke curtains in Staffordshire.

With a range of fabrics from well known names including suppliers and designers, and our made to measure service, we’re confident that you’ll have a set of bespoke curtains that you can certainly brag about.

We’ve been supplying curtains for over forty years, and have such vast experience that we can help you on your journey towards a new set of curtains if you’re unsure where to start.

Visit us for Curtains in Staffordshire

Our dedicated team will be able to help you should you require any help with finding curtains in Staffordshire, so get in touch today. But if you’d rather, you can pop into our showroom to browse our beautiful selection and get a taste of our exceptional customer service – an integral part of us giving you the best product that we can.

If that still leaves you hungry for more, you can always grab something to eat or drink in our cafe!

Blinds in Burton on Trent

The Unique Way to Add Style with Blinds in Burton on Trent!

Is your home missing something to bring it to life? Our supply of blinds in Burton on Trent is the perfect solution for adding a new dimension, colour, and style into any room, not to mention it’s extremely affordable to do! Here at Toons Furnishing Superstore, we are known for our premium furniture products and soft furnishings that have transformed the interiors all over the UK.

If you’re looking for a home furniture store that’s reliable, helpful, and current, Toons is the place to go this year!

So Much Choice for Blinds in Burton on Trent

With summer fully upon us, looking for blinds in Burton on Trent may be the last thing on your mind… We are here to tell you that blinds can be extremely useful in the summer for adding a summery feel, whilst protecting you eyes from the sunlight indoors. This doesn’t mean you have to block out the sunshine! Simply adjust our blinds and control which place you want it to shine through – just like that you will have a new addition to your home that’s practical and can be used all year round.

A style that we love at Toons that’s perfect for any interior, is our S Craft shutters. A little different to the traditional blind, this stunning option will turn your living area, kitchen, or bedroom into a more open and dynamic area – not to mention the shutters will give you those ultimate holiday home vibes.

If traditional blinds in Burton on Trent are more your thing, we’ve got you covered! We have a range of fantastic styles including vertical and Rol Lite which can be made in pretty much any colour or size – we can even make them custom made if you wish!

Arrange Your Blinds in Burton on Trent Today

Are you ready to discover the best blinds in Burton on Trent? Contact us today for more information or take a trip to our amazing showroom where we can guide you through the process.

Carpets in Derbyshire

Choosing the Right Carpets in Derbyshire For Summer

Are you looking for new carpets in Derbyshire however want to remain a summer feel in your home? Toons have the best choice for you, and are carpets are specially designed to be suited for the weather all year round!

Feel light and refreshed in the summer, along with cosy and warm in the winter… Whatever you may need a carpet for, ours are outstanding quality, excellent value for money, and beautifully made for unique product that you wont find anywhere else!

Carpets in Derbyshire That Stand Out from The Rest

There are a number of ways that our carpets in Derbyshire can bring summer vibes into your home, and we will guide you through the process, ensuring you get the best possible product for your interior.

Firstly, lets start with the material… If you want something to keep your home cool in summer, then wool carpets are the absolute best choice on the market! Our Artistry carpets are perfect for adding that soft padding on your toes, without over heating your home. Along with this you will get a totally gorgeous carpet that will look great in any home, is extremely durable, and the price tag is pretty impressive too.

Secondly, lets consider the pattern or design… For a unique summery style that’s up to date with the latest trends, opt for our Castlemead Velvet Stripe carpet teamed with our grey furniture, colourful soft furnishings, and you’ll have your dream exterior just like that!

Last Step for Carpets in Derbyshire

So, if you think that are carpets in Derbyshire could be perfect for you, all you must do now is contact us for more information and out team will take control of the process.

Would you like to see our carpets first before you buy? Take a trip to our showroom in Swadlincote where you’ll discover the best home furniture around and relax in our coffee shop – we hope to see you at Toons Furnishing Superstore!

Beds in Tamworth

Get to Grips with our Beds in Tamworth

Here at Toons, we’ve been supplying beds in Tamworth for over forty years, gaining a strong reputation for supplying great quality beds at reasonable prices.

Our range of beds in Tamworth is extensive, from space saving fold away beds to a highly useful divan bed to help you with storage. Alongside our range of beds, we’ve also got a large assortment of bed heads that could become the centrepiece of your bedroom.

Beds in Tamworth for any Requirements

We know that not every person’s situation is the same, which is exactly why we stock multiple types of beds in Tamworth for a number of requirements that customers may have.

Orthopaedic beds are available here at Toons, which are designed to benefit the whole body and provide a restful, comfortable sleep by supporting the body fully and reducing stress on the back neck and joints.

We also have a range of adjustable beds in Tamworth, designed to make getting out of bed easy and stress free – as well as beds in a number of different sizes to fit any circumstance.

At Toons we pride ourselves on our staff having extensive product knowledge, with a large majority of them working for the company for over a decade, meaning that we can advise you on the best bed possible for your situation.

Pop into our Showroom for Beds in Tamworth

If you’re looking for beds in Tamworth, pop along to our showroom, where we can help you choose the right bed for you and sort out the delivery of your beautiful new bed to your home. You can also view our beds online.

Feel free to contact us to find out more information, where our cooperative team will be on hand to provide you with the helping hand you deserve!

Carpets in Leicestershire

Create Royal Vibes in Your Home with Our Carpets in Leicestershire!

All this talk of the royal wedding has inspired us, and royal interior trends are becoming popular this year… With our fantastic supply of carpets in Leicestershire, you can achieve the stateliest interiors that’ll have you feeling like a Prince or Princess!

With 50 years in the carpet industry, our knowledgeable team have carefully selected the finest quality carpets that’re made with intricate designs, authentic patterns, and luxury materials to create a rich and grand look in any traditional home…

Lavishly Striking Carpets in Leicestershire

Since we know that Prince Harry and Megan are getting married in the tranquil area of Windsor, we have our own royal Windsor and royale carpets in Leicestershire that’re made with elegant materials to leave your home with a sense of wealth and richness. These carpets take quality to the next level, and to make them even more impressive, the price tag will shock you, and we guarantee you will not find beautiful carpets like ours anywhere else!

Looking for authentic patterned carpets in Leicestershire to get you into the royal spirit? Our Royal Dartmouth axminster carpet has a gold Chirvan Panel design and is totally gorgeous! Made with upmarket woven wool pile and a deep red background, this will be the ultimate choice to create a classical interior that’ll never go out of fashion.

Contact Us to Arrange Carpets in Leicestershire

So, if the royal wedding has influenced your style this year, our supply of carpets in Leicestershire will allow you to create that rich and authentic home interior you’ve always dreamt of – not to mention their amazing prices tags!

If you would like to know more information about our carpets, then feel free contact us to arrange a free measuring service and design advice. In the meantime, why not check out our other traditional products such as sofas, furniture, and beds for the complete royal package?

Curtains in Staffordshire

Bring Out the Summer Vibes with Our Curtains in Staffordshire

Has the sunny British weather got you in the summer spirit? Bring a breath of fresh air into your home with our bold and vibrant curtains in Staffordshire from Toons!

Maybe you’ve always gone for dark, pattern less curtains and now you fancy bringing you furnishings to life again? Well with our fantastic range of floral patterned curtains, you can transform you’re exterior and have one of the most stylish homes on the block!

Simply let us help you choose a curtain that suits your home and feel the benefits of a new and refreshed interior…

How Our Colourful Curtains in Staffordshire Can Improve Your Mood

With over half a century in supply curtains in Staffordshire, we have discovered some interesting things about the effect of colour, and how bright furnishings can have a positive effect on your overall mood!

Colours such as pinks, red, greens, or any other vibrant colours have said to make us feel happier, more alert, and bring out the summer vibes that we all want to feel. With our Halcyon Fabrics, we can create curtains that that’ll have a calming and cosy effect, and we guarantee you will not miss your old curtains.

To make sure our curtains in Staffordshire stand out from the rest, we can accompany them with any soft furnishings to match! This includes wallpaper, pillows, cushions, bedding, and blankets, so you can tailor a design all through your home if you wish at a little price.

If you would like to see our complete range of soft furnishings, click here!

Order Your Beautiful Curtains in Staffordshire Today

So, if a pop of colour is what you’re looking for this summer, you can absolutely achieve this with our fantastic curtains in Staffordshire! We have ready-made curtains that suit any standard window or for a more personal touch, let us create bespoke soft furnishings for your home…

Whatever you are looking for, contact us today and we can get quality furnishings to you as soon as possible.